RubyCamp Belgium 2016

The winter edition

A code retreat during a whole weekend in Belgium with fellow Rubyists.
A good time to share, pair, learn, build, and code.
This is supported by Ruby Belgium.

The Concept

It's non-formal and community based. You want to give a workshop or a talk? Do it. You want to build a project with others? Do it. This is also a good time for non coding activities (like sports!) and for knowing each other better. It comes from the original RailsCamp.

It is supported by Ruby Belgium

Code Of Conduct

All participants of the Rubycamp are required to agree with the code of conduct of Ruby Belgium. Organisers will enforce this code throughout the event. We are expecting cooperation from all participants to help ensuring a safe environment for everybody.

The package

The price of 120€ includes 2 nights, food, soft-drinks and light beers.

If you don't sleep over, it's 95€. If you come only one day, it's 45€. If you join us only for Friday evening, it's 20€ and at finally for Saturday evening and the whole of Sunday you will pay 75€.


The event is organized by Thomas and Tomasz.

When and Where

It is in Tilff (check the map below) during the second weekend of February 2016. From Friday evening the 12th of February until Sunday afternoon the 14th of February.

The venue

We will spend the week-end on a beautiful castle, featuring all the necessities for indoor as well as outdoors activities.

From the coding sessions to the sports and outside leisure, everything is in place to spend a great time together.

The Castle

Tilff is accessible by bike, train, bus, or car.


To register, fill in the form. They will confirm you the reservation and send you the payment details.



You can directly ping the organizers on twitter, or send them an email to the following address: